Humidity Bobcat™





The Humidity Bobcat™ is a single point module providing humidity readings from 5% to 95% RH.



Power:                         Input Voltage                9 - 12V DC or AC

                                    Input Current Max        30mA


Dimensions:                  1.3”W x 2.5”L x 0.6”D



       Temperature:         32ºF to 158ºF


Resolution:                    1% RH ± 1%








Figure 1. Typical Wiring Diagram

Note: The Bobcat™ may be used outdoors but must be installed in an area so that it will not get wet!






LED Codes

ON solid – Bobcat™ has not been addressed

Slow Blink – Bobcat™ has a valid address

Fast Blink – Auto address mode active

On solid, then Rapid blink - ADICON™ communications active





Module Address


Gain (do not change) – default 128


Positive Humidity Offset


Negative Humidity Offset

Table 1. Humidity Bobcat™ Parameters


The Humidity Bobcat™ is calibrated at the factory but small humidity adjustments may be made using parameters 6 and 7. Parameter 6 is used to increase the humidity reading by 1/4th of a percent increments and parameter 7 will reduce the reading by 1/4th of a percent increments. The maximum value for parameters 6 and 7 is 255 or 63.75 percent.  Either parameter 6 or 7 should be 0.  If both are non-zero then the value of parameter 7 will reduce the effect of parameter 6. For example, if parameter 6 is 20 (+ 5%) and parameter 7 is 8( -2%) the humidity reading will only be increased by 3%.


Note: if your Bobcat has Version 2 software then the offset values will be in 1/16th percent increments and the maximum offset will be 15.9375 percent.


C-Max™ is used to change a parameter value.  Below is a sample screen of the Module parameter utility.  For more information about changing module parameters see the application note Changing Module Parameters.


Viewing Bobcat™ data using C-MAX™


The CPUXA access screen of C-Max™ now has a data field to show the decimal value of data returned by a module.  To view the data field, move the horizontal scroll bar all the way to the right. See the sample screen below.  Data shown for a Bobcat™ module will be offset by 100, that is, the value shown is 100 greater than the actual data.





Accessing the Bobcat™ data


The following example shows how to turn on the humidifier if the humidity drops below 35%