ADICON 2500ô

The ADICON 2500™ is our popular line of home automation controllers, allowing you to affordably turn any house into a smart home, providing infrared control for home theaters, sprinkler systems, home or business lighting and much more.

Our ADICON 2500™ System is controlled by our FREE C-Max® Control Wizard software. Use simple If-Then-Else commands to set up your ADICON 2500™ home automation system to do just what you want it to do. Once youíve completed your program, simply download the code into the controller, disconnect the ADICON 2500™ controller from your computer and the system runs completely stand alone.

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Ocelot™ Home Automation Controller

Our flagship controller. The Ocelot™ is a stand alone controller providing on board learning infrared and X10 control. A real time clock allows for control based on any time you like, whether itís time of day, day of week, month, year or any combination. The Ocelot™ can be connected to any of our popular expansion modules to allow you to automate practically anything.

Leopard™ II Touchscreen Controller

The Leopard™ II has all the great features of the Ocelot™ plus a fully user definable touchscreen interface. Load your own bitmap icons or use the many predefined buttons that come with the C-Max® program.

ADICON 2500™ Expansion Modules

Expand the power of the Ocelot™ and Leopard™ II controllers with our expansion modules to add discrete inputs, relay closures to turn things on and off and even provide pre-recorded voice playback.

Bobcat™ Single Point Modules

Want to monitor temperature or humidity levels without the hassle of discrete wiring a sensor? The Bobcat™ modules are the way to go. Each Bobcat™ module has the sensor already wired. Simply connect the module to your controller, provide power and an address. Click the picture to learn more.

C-Max© Control Wizard Software

Our powerful C-Max© Control Wizard software allows you to write simple If-Then-Else programs to make your ADICON 2500™ home automation system do just about anything you want it to do. You can also directly test your discrete inputs and outputs from the various modules you can connect to our Ocelot™ or Leopard™ II controllers, send and receive X10 and infrared commands and so much more!

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