Leopardô II Touchscreen Controller

Leopard™ II

Touchscreen Home Automation and Controller

The Leopard™ II is a fully programmable touchscreen controller with the Ocelot™ built right into it. You can use the on-screen programming for out-of-the-box start up, or program it with your computer using our free C-Max© Control Wizard Software. Simple If-Then-Else logic can be used to build macros. The Leopard™ II is also compatible with third-party software. The high contrast screen supports user created icons; even bitmap files.

  • Fully programmable If-Then-Else control.
  • Over 4,000 lines of programmable code.
  • Infrared send and receive.
  • 2 way X-10.
  • On board real time clock allows for allows for events based on timers, time of day, day of week, month and year in any combination you desire!
  • RS-485 expansion to a variety of low cost I/O modules.
  • Comes with C-Max© Control Wizard software.
  • Supports user created graphic bitmaps.
  • Colors: Black and White Face Plates.



7 3/8"W x 5 5/8"H x 2"D
Face plate size: 7" x 8"
LCD Screen: 4 1/8" W x 3 1/8"H
LCD Resolution: 320 x 240, monochrome


4 Position Screw Terminals
2 pins for power (9-12 V AC/DC @ 1A)
2 pins for ADICON 2500™ expansion modules
12 Position Screw Terminals
IR In 
IR Out 
X-10 RJ11 Jack for direct connection to TW-523 or PSC05
3.5 mm Stereo Jack for connection to IR mini-emitter

Each Unit Includes:

User's Guide and C-Max© Control Wizard Software
6' IR Mini-emitter
Comms Cable for LEOPARD™ II - PC communication
25' cable for TW523 communication (TW523 not included)
9-12V @ 1A power supply
Colors: Black and White Face Plates.


Click here to download the Leopard™ II Manual