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Relay 8XA Bobcat

Relay RLY8-XA Specifications

Provides 8 High Current (10A) Form C Relays for switching heavy loads.

The RLY8-XA can be used as an ADNET expansion module, or as an X-10 controlled remote relay device. In either mode, the module provides a programmable safety watchdog feature that opens the relays if the unit fails to receive updated commands from an ADI controller or X-10.

Size: 5.65"L x 3.75"W x 1.38"H
Power: 9-12V DC, 800 mA.
I/O: Relay Outputs - Screw Terminals* (Form C 10A)
X-10 - RJ11 interface for TW-523 (Cable included)
X-10 Address - Jumper Selectable (House codes A-P)
ADNET: 2 Screw Terminals*
Power: 2 Screw Terminals*
*(up to 14 AWG)
Part #: RLY8XA