C-Max™ Software for the Leopard, Ocelot and CPU-XA

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Version 2.0d is now available for download

  • Import Bitmap as Icons

  • More button sizes.

  • Ability to name functions

  • Enhanced Serial Bobcat Communications

  • Added RCS Status Functions

Click here to download C-Max V2.0d

Special Thanks to Guy Lavoie for the FAQ document

Click here to download FAQ for C-Max V2.0 as a MSWord Doc.

Click here to download FAQ for C-Max V2.0 as a Acrobat PDF.

Special Thanks again to Guy Lavoie for the APP. Note on Formatting Varibles in C-Max V2.0

Click here to download Formatting Varibles in C-Max V2.0 as a MSWord Doc.

Click here to download Formatting Varibles in C-Max V2.0 as a Acrobat PDF.

New Features available in Version 1.70j

  • Reloading Leopard Touch Screen Files.

  • X10 Status problems.

  • Fixes PGM file size overrun in Ver 1.70g. Delete any PGM file made with 1.70g.

Click here to download C-Max V1.70j (includes Flash V3.01)

New! Ocelot-Leopard Version 3.01 Flash file

  • Eliminates the Ocelot or Leopard from falsely "receiving" IR commands
    even when no IR has been sent.(V3.00)

  • Allows the MAX IR parameter(CPUXA parameter 20) to be set lower than 80

  • Significant increase in speed of IR responses.

Click here to download Flash512.bin

Click here for downloading and installation instructions

New Features available in Version 1.70d

  • Variable to Variable compare.

  • Compare data(Bobcat™ data, time of day, etc) to a variable.

  • Load Bobcat™ data to a variable.

  • Added support for Serial Bobcat™.

  • Program file Save reminder.

  • Save ASCII message to a disk file.

  • Leopard screen progress bar when loading Leopard screen.

  • Automatically saves touch screen, ASCII messages, IR files, etc with the same name(different extension) as the IF-THEN-ELSE program file.

  • After installing C-Max™ 1.70d make sure to reload the new V2.97 executive into the controller.

Bug Fixes in Version 1.70d

  • X10 Monitor now works properly.

  • Saved Large number format in Leopard.

  • Module number now limited to 127 (was allowing up to 128).

  • Touch screen module number entry corrected (was limited to module number 32).

  • SpeakEasy message number scroll up function fixed.

Download C-Max™ V1.70d CPU-XA, Ocelot and Leopard Touch Screen Software for Win95/98/2000/NT © 2001 Applied Digital, Inc. (Approx. 1.54MB)*8/31/01

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Previous Updates:

C-Max™ 161e1/Executive 2.85 (Download C-Max™ V1.61e1)

Added support for Light Sensor and Contact Sensor Bobcats. Corrected the year function in the time of day. Added a Data column in the CPUXA access screen to view module data in decimal format.

C-Max™ 1.61d

Upgrade for support of the Speak Easy™ and Bobcats™. Increased the Variable to 128 and Timers to 64. Allows for + or - two hours for sunrise/sunset. Increased speed for SECU 16 IR transmit. Upgrade of code for Daylight Saving Time and status lights on the Leopard.

C-Max™ 1.51e

Upgrade for ability to Master/Slave for Leopard's, Ocelots and CPU-XAs. Set the master's parameter 14 to 0 and the slave to 1 for the 1st one and 2 for the 2nd and so on. If you have other modules then auto address them by skipping the highest slave address first ( the slaves do not auto address) and then addressing them normally. Example : If you have 2 slaves and a SECU 16 the first slave must to be set to 1 and the other set to 2 then auto address the SECU 16 by clicking the skip button until it say's addressing unit 3 then push the button on the SECU 16 until the display shows addressing unit 4.

C-Max™ 1.51d

Upgrade to the IR compare algorithm to improve the matching of extra-long initial IR pulses.

C-Max™ 1.51c

First day of winter Sunrise/Sunset Bug - Install C-Max 1.51d and re-load your application program. (stored in the PGM file)

Version 2.55 or later

After loading Application Ver 2.55s new executive. Set CPU-XA, Ocelot or Leopard parameter 13 to a "0" for Alpha Pager Support of 1 PIN and 15 Messages.  Set CPU-XA, Ocelot or Leopard parameter 13 to a "1" for Alpha Pager Support of 2 PINs and 2 Messages each. Variable 60  now shows the LAST  Infra-Red command RECEIVED. It is written over with each IR command, a receive with no match shows 65535.

Version 2.53 or Later

After loading Application Ver 2.53's new executive. Set CPU-XA, Ocelot or Leopard parameter 14 to a "0" for a master unit. The next software version will allow you to address other CPU-XAs, Ocelots or Leopards as slaves by setting this parameter to a 1,2,3,etc... To set this parameter do the following. From C-Max, choose Comms, Attach to CPU-XA, CPU-XA Utility, Retrieve CPU-XA Parameter and if parameter 14 is not set to a "0" click on the number and set it to "0".