Application Note: Adnet Modem Setup

1. Attach Adnet Modem to PC serial port using the provided straight through cable.
2. Power - up the PC and Modem.
3. Locate and launch C-Max software on the PC. [START] -> [PROGRAMS] -> [C-Max Control]
4. Select [Comms] on the Menu bar.
5. Select [Comms Setup] on the drop down list.
6. Click the [Pager Setup] button.
7. Click the Radio button [Comms Port] corresponding to the port the modem is attached to.
8. If you are using the Alphanumeric Pager features:
  • Select the Edit Box labeled "Pager Service Phone Number"
  • Enter the Service’s MODEM number Exactly as you would dial it.
  • (include 1 and area code if needed)
9. Click the [Configure Modem] button.
10. The scroll box will show communications activity with the Modem.
  • (look for the phone number you entered, it should be followed by a 0)
  • (if it is …. Click the [Close] button)
  • (otherwise, check the comms port - cable - power and go to step 9)
11. Exit C-Max software.
12. Attach Adnet Modem to CPUXA using a NULL MODEM cable.
13. System hardware is now ready for remote access and/or paging.