About Applied Digital, Inc.

Applied Digital, Inc. was founded in 1984 in Ames, Iowa by Dan Smith and his wife Melody designing a counter board for the IBM PC.

Applied Digital, Inc. started making timers for the indoor tanning industry in 1988. We introduced our popular line of T-Max® Timers in 1995. In 2005 we introduced the latest innovation, the AP900 wireless modules (now called the G2™ Wireless Modules) which allows you to control your entire salon without running cables.

In 2007, we introduced the WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution System. The WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution System allows you to distribute music throughout your salon without running cables throughout your salon, making it the easiest music distribution system available. In 2009, we continued our desire to continue to come out with new products by introducing the T-Max® Attendant™ 24-Hour card swipe tanning bed control system.

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