G2 Wireless Adapters


The G2™ Wireless Adapters allow you to control your salon without the need to run cables throughout your salon. The G2™ Wireless modules use a 900MHz RF signal to communicate without the need to run cables. The G2 Wireless adapters can reach up to 300 feet.

G2™ Access Point:

The G2™ Access Point connects to any T-Max® Timer that is wireless ready. Simply connect a G2™ Access Point to the T-Max® Manager G2™ and a G2™ Access Point to each timer. You will not need to run cables throughout your salon.

G2™ Power Injector:

The G2™ Power Injector connects to any T-Max® Timer that is not wireless ready, allowing you to connect any T-Max® timer that has ever been manufactured to be connected wireless. Simply connect the G2™ Access Point to the G2™ Power Injector, then connect the G2™ Power Injector to the T-Max® timer or T-Max® Manager/Pro and you will not need to run cables throughout your salon.

Expanding a current wired T-Max® System Wirelessly

With the G2™ Wireless adapters it is easy to expand your current T-Max® Series wirelessly. Simply connect the G2™ Wireless modules to the last timer in your current daisy-chain, then connect the G2™ Wireless adapters to each new tanning unit you are adding. The existing T-Max® Manager will communicate through the current daisy chain and then to the G2™ Wireless Adapter at the end of the line which in turn will communicate with the new timers with the G2™ Wireless Adapters connected to them. Expanding your salon has never been easier!

Perfect for converting older timer systems to T-Max!

Have an older timer system that needs to be replaced but dread re-wiring? Now converting your salon from an old home-run wired system to T-Max® could not be easier. Simply connect a T-Max® 3W/G2™ and a G2™ Access Point to your existing rooms, connect a G2™ Wireless Adapter to your new T-Max® Manager/Pro or T-Max® Manager G2™ and you have converted your old outdated timing system to a new T-Max® Series......without re-wiring your salon!


Access Point:











1 RJ-11




Power Injector





4 x 2.5 x 1.25:



9-12V Dc or AC @ 50mA



1 Power LED



1 RJ22 connect to T-Max



1 RJ-11 Connects to G2 Access Point



2 - 2.1mm power

Click here to download the G2™ Wireless Adapter Manual