T-Max® Monitor Plus


The T-Max® Monitor/Plus is a device that can connect anywhere in the T-Max® Series and displays the time and status of up to 16 beds at a time. Sixteen two-digit LED displays show the time remaining for active sessions in minutes. The T-Max® Monitor/Plus also shows the clean room and cool-down statuses. A dip-switch allows the salon owner to select which bank of 16 displays the T-Max® Monitor/Plus is displaying; beds 1-16, 17-32, 33-48, 49-64, 65-80, 81-96, 97-112, and 113-128. You can connect as many T-Max® Monitor/Pluses in a single salon as you like

The T-Max Monitor/Plus can easily monitor your salon using our new G2™ Wireless modules. Simply connect a G2™ Power Injector and a G2™ Access Point to your T-Max® Monitor/Plus just like the T-Max® Manager/Pro and T-Max® Manager G2™.

For more details about our G2 Wireless Modules, click here.



11" x 3.5" x 2.75"


800mA or 12VAC @ 800mA


2 digit LED display.


ADNET: 2 RJ-22 Connections


9V @1Amp power supply
1 Manual
1 sheet of bed number decals

Click here to download the T-Max® Monitor Plus manual.