T-Shooting  3W Master-Slave Wireless

This section is to aid you in in troubleshooting problems you may be experiencing using a T-Max® 3W/G2™ timer in a master-slave configuration using our G2™ Wireless adapters. Scroll down unit you find the problem you are experiencing.

Problem: The T-Max® 3W/G2™ outside the tanning room counts down but the timer in the room does nothing.

Possible Solution: The T-Max® 3W/G2™ at the front desk must be set to address 0. Refer to the T-Max® 3W/G2™ userís guide and set the address on the T-Max® 3W/G2™ to Address 0.

Problem: The T-Max® 3W/G2™ shows a number and is beeping and will not do anything when I press the buttons.

Possible Solution:

Make sure the timer in the room is set to address 1.

Make sure the G™2 Access Points are mounted high enough both at the front desk so that they clear any metal. Make sure the G2™ Access point in the tanning room is NOT mounted to the back of the tanning bed.

Make sure the wireless modules at the front desk are at least two feet apart. Also make sure the wireless modules at the front desk and in the rooms are mounted vertically and high enough that no metal is in between the wireless modules in the rooms and the ones at the front desk.

You may need to change frequencies on your G2™ Access Points.

To change the frequencies on the wireless modules, remove the RJ-11 cable from the G2™ Access point. Pull the back off and pull the circuit board out. As you hold the G2™ Access point upright, there will be three jumpers to the left of the modular connector. Pull them off and store them for safekeeping (do not put them back on). Put the circuit board back into the G2™ Access Point Housing and put the back on. Reconnect the cable. Do this to each wireless module. Then cycle power to the T-Max® Manager. Did this fix the problem?

Problem: After the session ends, I get two dots and canít start another session.

Possible Solution: This is the clean room indication. The timer in the room will also have two dots. Hold the Up button on the timer T-Max® 3W/G2™ in the room (if your timer in the room is not a T-Max® 3W/G2™, consult the tanning beds manual for dirty room) until the two dots go away. You will then be ready for a new session.

Problem: I have more than one Master/Slave setup and can not get them to communicate properly.

Possible solution:

Each wireless pair (pair being the T-Max® 3W/G2™ and the bed itís controlling) must be set to unique frequencies from the others. There are seven different frequencies that can be set. Contact Applied Digital, Inc. for instructions on setting the frequencies.

If your problem is still not resolved, contact Applied Digital, Inc. for further troubleshooting.