Home and Building Automation

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The Affordable Stand-alone Controller.

Automate Home Theaters, Lighting, Security, Sprinkler Control, and much more. You are limited only by your imagination!

Connect multiple Ocelots, Leopard IIs, ADICON 2500 Modules, and Bobcat Discreet Sensors for expansion. Send and Receive X-10, IR, and ASCII.

You can connect the Ocelot to your computer or use as a stand-alone controller. Simple setup with the C-Max software, which is included with the purchase.

Ocelot Controller

- Fully programmable, if-then-else control.

- Over 4,000 lines of programmable code.

- Infrared send and receive.

- 2 way X-10.

- RS-485 expansion to a variety of low cost I/O modules.

- Comes with C-Max 2.0 Control Wizard Software.