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Ocelot Controller

Ocelot Specifications

The Ocelot™ is the heart of the modular control system. With the Real Time Clock, 256 two-way X-10, 1024 IR Send and Receive (learning) and modular I/O, the Ocelot™ can run programs that can control both residential and commercial applications.

Size: 6.5"L x 3.75"W x 1.38"H

I/O: RS232 - DBSF w/6' Cable
X-10 -RJ11 w/6' Cable
ADNET: 2 Screw Terminals*
Power: 2 Screw Terminals*
*(up to 14 AWG)
Infra-Red In - Stereo Jack
Infra-Red Out - Stereo Jack

Each Unit Includes: User's Guide and C-Max 2.0 Control Wizard Software
Comms Cable for OCELOT - PC communication
25' cable for TW523 communication (TW523 not included)
9-12V @ 200mA power supply

Part #: OCELOT