Size: 5.5"L x 3.25"W x 1.38"H
Power: 12 Volts AC, 1000ma.
I/O: Speaker Output - Screw Terminals*
Audio In - Stereo Jack
Audio Out - Stereo Jack
ADNET- 2 Screw  Terminals *
Power - 2 Screw Terminals*
*(up to 14 AWG)

Suggested Retail Price


The SpeakEasy™ module interfaces to the Leopard™ or Ocelot™ controllers to play pre-recorded audio messages. Messages may be recorded using the on-board microphone or any audio line-level device such as a PC soundcard, tape deck, etc. The Speak-Easy™ has the option of 50 five second messages, 24 ten second messages, or 12 twenty second messages. The Speak-Easy™ can drive an 8 ohm speaker directly or may be connected to an external audio amplifier.

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